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The official charity of the Mongol Rally is Cool Earth who work with local communities around the globe to protect the rainforests and find ways that humans and nature can work together sustainably. With global warming constantly on the doorstep, we need to collectively work together to reduce human impact on the climate, and make sure Earth is liveable for all future generations and wildlife to come.

Kidney Research UK

For the charity of our choice I chose Kidney Research UK as it very personal to both myself and Nick. In March 2017 our father Chris passed away from a combination of sepsis and the kidney disease he had been living with for nearly two decades so felt it would be right to help raise money for an organisation that aim's to help those suffering from a still incurable disease.

Kidney Research UK is the leading charity dedicated to research into kidney disease in the UK. They rely almost wholly on the generous donations of the UK public and believe that everybody deserves a life free of kidney disease. 

Kidney disease is a silent killer. There are three million people in the UK with it right now. One million don’t even know they have it and there is no cure. For decades their developments in treatment, better information for patients and raising vital public awareness have been saving lives. As the likelihood of kidney disease striking you becomes ever greater, theirwork is more essential now than ever. 

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